VIDEO: Aldridge And Lopez Ham It Up For McLoughlin Auto Mall

I talked on this week’s podcast about how I thought LaMarcus Aldridge and Robin Lopez had a hard to describe camaraderie that I had not seen another player develop with Aldridge, let along in such a short amount of time together. Well, this commercial for the McLoughlin Auto Mall is a great example of what I was talking about.

No point trying to explain what’s going on in the spot, which is great, by the way. But besides being a rather comical way to get someone to a car lot, it’s a great indicator of the relationship between Portland’s starting power forward and center. And Aldridge’s willingness to poke a little fun at his reported discontent this summer shows just how comfortable he is with his current situation.

Here’s the blooper reel as well.

(Nice work by the folks at Pinwheel Empire for finding this)