Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Clippers

Trail Blazers Talks Technical Fouls

Pacers guard Lance Stephenson was awarded a second technical foul and subsequently ejected for starring down Heat guard Dwyane Wade during a nationally televised game between Indiana and Miami last Wednesday. The ejection was a topic of conversation, though probably not as much as it would have been if the Pacers hadn’t pulled out a one-point victory, so I figured it was a good time to ask the Trail Blazers to recount their most memorable technical fouls. Some recounted instances of technical fouls they didn’t think they deserved or that were particularly noteworthy, while others admitted that they deserved all the technicals they had been awarded in their careers.

Here’s what they had to say …

Minnesota Timberwolves v Portland Trail Blazers

“Usually when I get one, I deserve it. They give me leeway because I don’t talk as much. I can talk a bit, but usually when I get it, I deserve it. Like, I tried to get it. When I get it, I deserve it.” — LaMarcus Aldridge

Charlotte Bobcats v Portland Trail Blazers

“It was supposed to be a tech. When I was in high school I made a game-winning shot with about maybe a half a second left on the clock to take the lead and I took my jersey off. Took my jersey off, got a tech, they

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shot free throws and beat us in the game. I was like, ‘Y’all gonna let the game be decided on that?’ That happened.” — Damian Lillard

Dallas Mavericks v Portland Trail Blazers

“In high school, hanging on the rim. I didn’t really even hand on the rim, there was someone underneath me. I don’t know, that was probably the worst one I could think of off the top of my head … My last one I got was pretty quick. I think it was Atlanta? I didn’t even want to get a tech, that was just emotion. I think he kind of snapped pretty quickly on that one. I didn’t even curse.” — Wesley Matthews

Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers

“I don’t know, I have a lot of technicals that I feel are very warranted. I’ve deserved the majority of my technicals. I can be a pill sometimes. I had that hard foul on Blake Griffin a few years back. I bumped a ref once. There’s a couple of things that I’ve done that are rather unsavory, a little seedy.” — Robin Lopez

Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors

“It took me my first six years in the league to get a technical and I only have three. All of them I deserve. Probably didn’t get the right call or something, probably getting on the refs, making certain hand gestures and stuff like that. Nothing too crazy, just me upset with a play. I don’t do techincals because the game could go either way depending on when it is in the game. But there’s never been a technical that decided a game. I’d never put myself or my team in that position.” — Dorell Wright

Philadelphia 76ers v Portland Trail Blazers

“This year when the ref game me that foul. Who were we playing against? You remember that game we got crunk? I think it was the game T-Rob got the block and I got the dunk (versus the Timberwolves on Feb. 23). I ain’t even do nothing! He gave me a tech doing like this (makes international “What did I do?” gesture) putting my hands up.” — Will Barton

Minnesota Timberwolves v Portland Trail Blazers

“In Spain my last season there. Nothing special. I throw the ball to a player on the other team. I was on the floor, he throw the ball to me and I throw the ball to him. It was stupid.” — Victor Claver

Portland Trailblazers v New Orleans Pelicans

“I’ve gotten like three technicals in my career, two for dunking and hanging on the rim. I think it was my sophomore year, we got it on a fastbreak and he dropped it off to me and I dunked on a dude and just hung on the rim. Just swinging on the rim. And I got another one because a guy fouled me and I pushed him. I don’t really get technicals. If I dunk it, I’m going to hang. And on the second one I didn’t like how the guy touched me, so I pushed him, let him know I wasn’t having it.” — CJ McCollum

Portland Trailblazers vs Oklahoma City Thunder

“I got ejected in summer league (as a coach) (by) Bennie Adams. I was in Seattle. This was way back, I was a young pup. And then the other technical that I’m reminded of was when I was playing in France. I was on the lane line there (points to key) and he had just called a foul on me and he was over here (points to sideline). So I was like this (stands hunched over with hands on knees) and I was looking like, I see you. Cause he was starring at me and I said ‘I see you. I see you.’ So he gave me a tech because he was reading my lips — he doesn’t speak English — and he thought I was swearing at him. A French guy is reading lips in English from across the court, and that got me a technical.” — Terry Stotts