Portlant Trail Blazers v Phoenix Suns

Trail Blazers Not Worried About Officiating Going Into Game 2

HOUSTON — After NBA released a statement on Monday that the referees got a crucial foul call wrong in the overtime of the Trail Blazers’ 122-120 victory versus the Rockets in Game 1, Portland guards Damian Lillard and Wesley Matthews were asked if they thought the decision by the league would change the way Game 2 would be officiated. Here’s what they had to say …

Damian Lillard: “I thought in the first half, things went our way. It the second half, a lot of it went their way. You can’t say something about one or two plays when one half was in our favor and one half was in their favor. We can’t worry about the officiating, we’ve got to go play. It’s going to be a physical game regardless, fouls going to be called regardless and both teams are going to make runs. It’s a matter of who can make more runs and who can limit the other team’s runs. We’ve just got to be the better team at those things.”

Wesley Matthews: “You can’t go into a game worried about what the officiating may or may not be. We’ve got to go in with the mindset that we’re going to try to win this game, regardless of what’s going on with Houston, regardless of what is going on with the officiating, regardless of everything else. We came here with this tight group and that’s going to be the group that’s going to have to go out and win.”

Damian Lillard: “You play how you’re going to play and let the refs do their job. We’re the road team, so we’ve got to come out and have that edge and play with that tough mentality and live with whatever happens. We can’t come out here and get punched in the mouth and then let them get

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their confidence going and everything is free and easy. We’ve got to play a tough game.”

Wesley Matthews: “You want to set a tone. You don’t want to give looks because your tentative, you’re worried about fouls and all that kind of stuff. And you’re not overly aggressive trying to see what you can get away with. You’re just playing basketball, and then you take it from there.”