Stein: Blazers ‘Thrilled’ With Lopez, Not Seeking Trade For Asik

Last week, Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe, both of Grantland.com, discussed the possibility of a trade between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Rockets which would send center Omer Asik to Portland in exchange for Robin Lopez and a bunch of other pieces. But today, ESPN.com’s Marc Stein says no such trade is likely, as the Trail Blazers are perfectly happy with Lopez holding down the paint as the team’s starting center …

My Grantland pals Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe recently had a compelling podcast discussion offering all sorts of reasons why the better-than-expected Portland Trail Blazers might be moved to try to upgrade from Robin Lopez to Asik at center by offering Lopez and another quality asset in exchange for Dwight’s disgruntled backup. All indications at this point, though, suggest that Portland is thrilled with Lopez’s impact and not planning to make a run at Asik. Houston is similarly lukewarm on the idea.

This always struck me as somewhat risky move to make, especially for a team already playing their best basketball in recent memory. Maybe Lopez isn’t the player that Asik is, but he’s close enough to make a move like this unnecessary. If there’s a move for the Trail Blazers to make, you would think it would be something a bit less drastic than trading away their starting center who is also very popular among his teammates.

(h/t Ben at Blazersedge.com)