Sheridan: Source Says Lillard Will Make Team USA

In the summer of 2013, Damian Lillard was invited to participate alongside some of the best young players in the NBA at the Team USA minicamp in Las Vegas, which basically serves as the first audition for a chance at a Team USA roster spot.  Lillard’s play and leadership during practices drew rave reviews from his coaches and teammates, even if his performance in the Blue and White scrimmage wasn’t what he would have liked.

And according to Chris Sheridan, formerly of ESPN and now of, Lillard has a very good chance of winning a Team USA roster spot for the upcoming FIBA World Championships in Spain this summer …

Y’all should expect to see (Lillard) playing for Team USA at the World Cup in Spain over the summer, according to my sources. With this guy and Durant on the floor together, the Americans should lead all teams in 3-point shooting percentage — unless Kevin Love ruins it.

As far as I can remember, Clyde Drexler is the only Trail Blazer who has participated in international competition as a part of Team USA (update:kdholland01tj” points out in the comments that Steven Smith won a gold medal in 2000 at the Summer Olympics in Sydney). If Lillard were to get a spot on the Team USA World Championship roster this summer, as Sheridan’s sources claim he will, it would be yet another validate of his status as one of the NBA’s future superstars.