Lillard and Wall Draw A Crowd At Compound Gallery For ‘Florist City’ Release

On March 19, hundreds of fans lined up outside of Compound Gallery in downtown Portland for the launch of adidas’ “Florist City” collection celebrating the seasons of Trail Blazer Damian Lillard and Wizard John Wall. Fans waited outside for hours for the chance to purchase pieces from the collection, which features a pair of adidas Crazy 1s, a crew neck sweatshirt, a snapback hat and a pair of socks with iconography celebrating the coming of spring in both Portland and Washington, DC, and get their merchandise signed by both Lillard and Wall.

“I’m young and I’ve been able to have some success and help bring some excitement to Portland,” said Lillard. “With everything adidas has done for me and the position they’ve put me in to expand my brand, I think they realize it’s a great thing for me. It’s something for Portland to rally around, for adidas to become stronger in the Portland community. I think it’s great.”


“I mean, look at it. It’s obvious it’s a really nice shoe. I’m a huge fan of what it represents: The Rose City and the fact that I’m in Portland. Great colorway. Once again, a great idea by adidas. I’m thankful for them being able to have another edition of a shoe for me.” — Damian Lillard


“Oakland, I grew up there. Odgen is where I had my college experience. Here, I get to be an NBA player in this city. It will always be a part of me. Just the fact that I can have a Rookie of the Year shoe that represented all three of those places, the Portland Trail Blazer Crazy 8 that just came out and then this shoe representing this city, it’s a great feeling. Just to be able to have that opportunity, to be the guy that all of this stuff is around. I’m thankful.” — Damian Lillard


To celebrate the release, adidas and Compound commissioned five sneaker artists to customize the Crazy 1s for Lillard.



“The crew neck was kind of a surprise to me, but if we’re going to come out with a shoe, I think it’s only right that you have things to compliment that. My favorite thing was the socks. I love the sock, but the hat and the crew neck, it makes the shoe more versatile. Instead of just being a shoe that I could wear with my uniform, I’m wearing it right now with an outfit. This is something that I would wear if I’m going to hang out during the day. I think the fact that they added that with the crew neck and the hat and the socks that I can wear with the shoe, that makes the shoe more flexible. I can do more things with it. I was excited about that.” — Damian Lillard




“It’s crazy because last time I was like, ‘Man, that’s a lot of people.’ This time I pulled up and the line was going around the corner. John is here to, that’s a part of it. Just the fact that they lined up to come see us and they’re waiting to come buy our shoes and our hat and our crew neck and our socks. It’s a cool thing because they line up to buy Jordans and LeBrons and KDs. Even though this isn’t really my signature shoe, this shoe represents me and that shoe represents John and these people lined up and waited for hours. It’s a real honor.” — Damian Lillard



“John, that’s my guy. That’s my dog for real. We talk about how the season is going. This past summer at Team USA we shared a car service, we hung out a lot. Going into the season we both talked about wanting to be All-Stars and we both were able to do that this year. I’m proud of him, I know he’s proud of what I was able to do this season. Looking like his team is going to be in the playoffs, it’s looking like my team is going to be in the playoffs if we keep doing what we’re doing. I’m happy for him, I know he’s happy for my situation and hopefully we can help grow this adidas brand together” — Damian Lillard