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Free Agency Roundup: Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of NBA Free Agency 2014. The consensus seems to be that the league is in somewhat of a holding pattern until the big name free agents make their decisions, which isn’t great news for those executives hoping to enjoy some down time over the Fourth of July holiday.

While there are rules about what teams can and can’t say during the free agency moratorium, we are allowed to post what others media outlets are reporting. So here, without comment, is today’s roundup of the most recent news regarding the Trail Blazers and free agency …

Sources: Blazers Gauge Steve Blake’s Interest, Chris Haynes, CSNNW …

On Day 1 of free agency the Portland Trail Blazers inquired about the interest of veteran free agent point guard Steve Blake, league sources informed

These sources that requested anonymity describes the call to his representatives as merely a “feeler ” inquiry with sides expected to reengage down the road.

Blake, 34, is no stranger to the city of Portland. He played three and a half seasons with the team and loved his experience so much that he purchased a home in Portland where his family resides in the offseason. We’re told by one of the sources that Blake “would love to come back to Portland to play for the Trail Blazers.” SportsNation Chat With Kevin Pelton

Ryan (The D)
Where does Monroe end up? Is it realistic to hope for sign and trade with Portland that sends Batum to Pistons?

Kevin Pelton
No. That wouldn’t fill a need for the Blazers, and would create one in the process.

kyle (portland)
what are some realistic options for the Blazers this off season? who should they be looking at?

Kevin Pelton
They seem to be focused on using their MLE on a stretch big man, which is a little disappointing for Thomas Robinson given how well he played late in the season, but understandable nonetheless. In that scenario, they probably bring back Mo Williams using his non-Bird Rights. If they don’t use the full MLE on a big, I’d encourage them to look at Bo McCalebb as a Williams replacement.

Nick (Boston)
How crazy is this idea: Heat sign and trade Bosh to Portland for Nic Batum and T-Rob. Then with remaining cap space, Heat sign Okafor. Remotely possible? Would PDX move Batum for Bosh?

Kevin Pelton
The Blazers aren’t trading Batum for a starter at a position where they already have a perfectly good starter in Robin Lopez.

Geoff (PDX)
who would Portland trade Batum for?

Kevin Pelton
Well, if someone wants to offer a younger/better small forward, the Blazers might listen. But a challenge trade is the only thing that really makes sense with Batum.

Dave (SLC)
Would you match a MAX offer for Hayward or try and work an S&T?

Kevin Pelton
I would probably match it. I feel similar to this about Nicolas Batum and Minnesota, when lots of intelligent people felt the Blazers should sign-and-trade him for Derrick Williams, a move that would not have worked well. At some point, you’ve got to keep quality young starters.

Short-term deal may be best option for Greg Monroe, Detroit Pistons, Vince Ellis, Detroit Free Press …

In numerous conversations with league executives, scouts and agents over the past two years, not one considered Monroe a max player.

Let’s look at the reported suitors: Portland, Washington, Orlando, New Orleans, Atlanta, Cleveland and the Lakers.

It’s hard to see the Wizards’ interest when they will retain center Marcin Gortat.

Monroe’s camp was working on a deal with the Blazers as agent David Falk was trying to get something in place quickly. The Blazers have reportedly met with free-agent center Spencer Hawes.