‘Create The Court’ Narrowed To Three Options, Will Be Two-Toned

Back on March 3, the Trail Blazers announced a contest in which fans would get a crack at creating the new court at the Moda Center that the team would play their home games on for the foreseeable future. Now the contest has moved on to the second phase, with three user-submitted options being put up for a vote. All of the courts have various differences, though they all share two traits which are different than the current court: no paint at the top of the key and two-tone color scheme. Let’s look at the three options …


The first option is a design submitted by Andrew Stalheim of Vancouver. It is the only option that features the red dyed floorboards in the painted area (which I’m told looks much cooler in person than on screen). The area outside of the paint but inside of the three-point line is darker than the rest of the court. The baseline text reads “ripcity” in a retro font on wood rather than the “Portland” and “Trail Blazers” graphics which are currently on the baselines of the court. The “Portland” wordmark gets moved to the sideline opposite the benches.

flint_courtNext up, a design by Austen Flint of Klamath Falls. Flint’s design features a red painted area and bare wood at the top of the key and in the area inside the three-point line. Darker wood is used outside of the three-point line for the most dynamic two-tone look of the three options. Flint’s design keeps the baselines the same and adds a “ripcity” wordmark to the sideline. This design is probably the biggest diversion of the three from the current look.

foster court

Last but not least, the design by Foster Lavender, also of Vancouver. Lavender’s is probably the most demure of the three, though it’s the only option utilizing the¬†diagonal floorboards (which match up perfectly with the lines of the logo at center court). Inside the three-point line but outside of the key is a different tone than the rest of the court, which gives it a more muted look than the other two. And like the first design, this option has the “ripcity” wordmark on the baselines, though Lavender went with the “Trail Blazers” logo on the sideline rather than “Portland”.

Which design do you like the best? I won’t prejudiced the vote by giving my opinion, but I definitely have a preference. Which ever one of these gets the most votes will be Portland’s home court come the start of the 2014-15 season with the creator of the winning design getting a courtside seats to the opener.